Stretching Exercises
Raising Hands

Raising Hands To Stretch

So, for this exercise you will perform what is known as the mountain. You don’t need to worry about doing anything with the bottom half of your body. It’s all concentrated on the top half. You need stand up, with your arms by your sides, and then you’re going to raise them up and you’re going to try and push the hands right into the sky, or right into the ceiling. What you will find is that by taking short breaths, you feel as though you can stretch that little bit further. If you have got a lot of oxygen in the lungs, you may feel as though you cannot stretch as much. So, what you do is take short, sharp breaths while stretching.

Some people even hold their breath for a little while, but  just be careful with that because if you hold your breath altogether, you might pass out.

So, you’re just going to hold this for 30 seconds. You’ll feel the stretch all the way up the back of your spine towards the top and you may even feel it on your hips. Once you have performed the stretch for 30 seconds, just put down your arms nice and slow. Perform the same exercise three times. So, in essence you perform three sets of 30 seconds.

It is up to you about the breathing. You can just try and keep it nice, short, and sharp. Some people just hold it and then other people just like to breathe normally. But for many short, sharp breaths suffice.