it is a commonly understood fact that people who have reached adulthood cannot grow in height any further. Many people believe that once you are past your late teens you stop growing any further. It is commonly believed that once you reach your optimum height level there is no further growth in height.

Although this is generally true and people do stop growing at a certain age it does not mean that the growth of your height has to stop stop there. It might be hard to believe that once you have reached your so-called optimal height level in adulthood, you can still grow further if you're not happy with your height.

If you are dissatisfied with the level of height that you have reached up to adulthood then there is still something you can do to increase your height further. There are natural methods of enhancing your height further if you're not happy with your current height. Remarkably further height growth can be achieved even at an age that you would never have thought would be possible. Many people who have been frustrated with their height and managed to gain up to 3 inches more in height to improve their physical appearance.

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